This is a photo I took of the 1900s upstairs buildings on the mainstream in Salida, CO. The ornate buildings are cream, dark red brick, and green and blue pained brick.


This is a head shot of Amy against a white background. She is a white woman with black glasses with long brown hair. She is wearing a black shirt and a turquoise necklace. She is wearing hoop earrings and smiling awkwardly, as always.

I am an Associate Professor of English at the University of Colorado Denver (CU Denver), where I specialize in rhetoric, writing, and disability studies.  This site tells my academic story, and I welcome you to contact me with questions. You’re also welcome to have a look at my CV and my teaching portfolio.

CU Denver is located downtown and is part of the larger CU system. Geographically, my university co-exists with Metro State College and the Community College of Denver. My favorite thing about CU Denver is the students – they are smart and hard-working!

I welcome feedback on this site, particularly around access issues. Please drop me an email at Thanks!

This is an image that moves, drawn by John Callahan. It begins with a man in a wheelchair, looking at a man in a doctor's coat on the curb. The doctor shouts "HEAL!" and the man is pictured on his knees next to the doctor (like a dog). HA!


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