As a member of the academic community, I have often participated in making campus more accessible, in line with the goals of the disability rights movement. I plan to continue this work at UCSC.

This is a dark square with writing in red and cream: DISABILITY RIGHTS ARE CIVIL RIGHTS

My work at CU Denver focused on a site providing Disability Information for Faculty. This site introduces disability issues for academics, provides resources on inclusive teaching, and more. Please take a look!

I’ve also invited prominent scholars to campus in a Disability as Diversity series:

Photo of Corbett OToole, with a faint smile. She is a white woman with short black and gray hair, wearing a heavy red beaded necklace and purple flowered top. Grass is in the background.

Corbett OToole, Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History  (flyer)

Melanie is a white woman wearing glasses with her hair pulled back. She is wearing a black shirt that says neurodiveristy in white letters. She is holding her hand forward and stimming with a pink rubber band.

Melanie Yergeau, Minding Theory of Mind:  Autism, Embodiment, Narrative (flyer)

This is a photo of Rosemarie Garland-Thomson. She is white woman with short gray hair, and is wearing a black shirt and large brown necklace. She has on black, round-ish glasses and is against a brown background.

Faculty Workshop on Gender and Disability with Garland Thomson

This is a photo of Lennard Davis. He is a white man with white hair moving in all directions. He has dark eyes and smiles, and is wearing a black t-shirt and brown sports jacket. He is only seen in portrait.

Working Lunch with Lennard Davis

This is a photo of Margaret Price. She has short dark hair and bright eyes. She is smiling and wearing a gray, sleeveless shirt. There is some blurred trees in the background.

Margaret Price, Mad at School: Rhetorics of Disability and Academic Life

This is a photo of Anne Finger. She is a white woman with short, reddish hair. She is smiling and wearing a beige turtleneck with a black jacket.

Anne Finger, Call Me Ahab

This is a photo of Sue Schweik. She is a white woman with long gray hair and is wearing a black v-neck. She is smiling and the background is gray.

Susan Schweik, The Ugly Laws: Disability In Public.

This is Rosemarie Garland Thomson. She is smiling and has grayish hair and is wearing glasses. She has on a purple shirt against a brown background.

Rosemarie Garland Thomson, “Medical Genocide as Policy and Ideology”

This is the logo for the show "A Wider World" on PBS. It has an abstract yellow butterfly.

Disability as Diversity on “A Wider World”

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