As a member of the academic community, I have often participated in making campus more accessible, in line with the goals of the disability rights movement. At UCSC, I’m focusing on:

This is a set of stairs at UCSC, in sets of three, leading up toward redwoods and a pretty sunset. The word "access?" is superimposed.




Mapping access on campus. UCSC is a particularly inaccessible physical campus, but it also has other barriers. I’m drawing off and complicating my work on the RSA mapping project and a recent independent study.








Bring disability scholars and activists to campus. (Jay Dolmage Academic Ableism flyer in PDF.)





This is a dark square with writing in red and cream: DISABILITY RIGHTS ARE CIVIL RIGHTS



Create spaces for disabled faculty on campus. In process!




My work at CU Denver focused on a site providing Disability Information for Faculty. I also coordinated a Disability as Diversity series:

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