This is a powerful, 1940s-style image of a red fist breaking white blocks apart, with a blue and black background.


My students at CU Denver often work full-time and attend college full-time, and they are the most focused and dedicated students I’ve known. I love teaching because it’s always a new challenge, and when I teach, I consistently feel “present” and engaged.

Like my research, my teaching focuses on the politics of reading, writing, and disability. The readings in composition and rhetoric that changed me as a teacher include John Trimbur’s work on “dissensus,” Katherine Willis’ piece on “easy psychic income,” Dawn Skorczewski’s re-articulation of cliche, and Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson’s essay on rhetorics of mental disability.

Syllabi are linked below – for sample assignments and more see my teaching portfolio.



English 1020: Core Composition 1, “Logical Argument in a Post-Truth Era”

English 2030: Core Composition II, “Searching, Annotating, Reconstructing, Reflecting”

English 2060, Introduction to Writing Studies (Fall 2014, Spring 2016, Fall 2016)

English 2070: Grammar, Rhetoric & Style (coming Spring 2018!)

English 3084: Multimedia Composition (Spring 2012, Fall 2010) (ONLINE Spring 2017, Fall 2015)

English 3160: Language Theory (Fall 2016, Fall 2015, Spring 2015)

English 4180: Argumentation and Logic (Spring 2016, Spring 2010 version)

English 4190 Rhetoric of Disability in Film (Spring 2017)

English 4190/5190, “Rhetoric and the Body” (Spring 2015, Spring 2008 –  mixed undergraduate/graduate course)

English 4991, “Taboo Rhetorics” (Senior Seminar) (Fall 2011, Fall 2009, course website)



English 6002, Rhetorical Theory (Spring 2013, Spring 2011 course blog)

English 5913: Practicum in Language and Rhetoric (Fall 2013, Fall 2009, Fall 2008, Fall 2007)



Women Studies 290: Feminism and Disability Studies

English 281: Intermediate Composition

English 242: Reading Fiction, Disability Fiction(s)

English 131: Introductory Expository Writing

English 104/105: Basic Writing

Also see teaching workshops under “Presentations.”





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