Writing Program

The Writing Program at UCSC is a great place with smart and passionate teachers. I love it! Each quarter, the themes of our various courses – including mine – are posted.

I’m a member of the Pedagogical Development Committee and the Composition “C” Committee, as well as the Leadership Team.

I have written on the relationship of disability and writing program administration (“Disabling Writing Program Administration” in Writing Program Administration). I’d also like to never see another five-paragraph essay.

This is a Boynton, hand-drawn comic of a unicorn-like dragon that represents the five-paragraph theme. It says, indicating places on the dragon, "introductory paragraph (lots of teeth, no bite)," "thesis statement (the main point of the theme)," "development (three paragraphs with topic sentences and some minor points, mostly bulk)," "concluding paragraph (somewhat lip and drawn out, goes over sam ground as four preceding paragraphs)," "color (glossy rose-colored exterior, rather blue underneath, occasional theme has a blend, resulting in purple passages)."