This is a basic cartoon image, 1940s-style-ish, of a black and cream typewriter against a mint-green background. There is a paper sticking out of the top of the typewriter that says "Write on."


My research focuses on rhetoric, writing, and disability. My current project focuses on disability, admissions essays, and teaching college writing. I am also working on a book about disability and rhetorical negotiation, which explores infertility as disability, stuttering in families, food access and GI distress, and more.

For full copies of certain publications, see my site. For a full list of publications – including my in-press and in-progress publications – see my CV.

Articles and Book Chapters:


Editorial Work

If you would like a copy of an article, please first check my website. If it’s not available there, please make your request by emailing


This is a cartoon of a black and white penguin thinking hard. The bubble above its head says, "Penguins are black and white. Some old TV shows are black and white. Therefore, some penguins are old TV shows." The captions says, "Logic: another thing penguins aren't very good at."



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